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I want to start this article off with a quote about confidence, this particular quote isn’t the best nor the worst, but it has a meaning to it that I can relate to and that I believe most people can or should try to relate to.  Here is the quote:


” Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense. ” – Arthur Helps


So for me, this relates to entrepreneurship extremely well. Entrepreneurs are people who ultimately have an idea, create a goal with this idea, and work as hard as they can to achieve that goal. This many times creates a slippery slope of failure and success. The views of others from the outside looking in who are not entrepreneurs may think its silly for one person to take this many risks just to potentially fail. For the sake of accuracy, a majority of entrepreneurs do fail at first, but what comes out of these failures is amazing and frequently overlooked by the “outside” community. The confidence level of a failed entrepreneur significantly increases, and in my opinion the reason being, is that if you have already failed, what could you possibly have to lose?


Let’s thinks about this for a second….  As an entrepreneur you start something, it fails, you gain experience, and start again with newly gained wisdom. Personally, I believe the ones of us entrepreneurs that keep going no matter what time it is, good or bad, will eventually see a nice measurement of success in some form or fashion due to the constant willingness to work hard and move forward.  Throughout the entire time, gaining confidence which will allow an entrepreneur to succeed in other goals, because the wisdom and persistence is already there and practiced.


I met this guy who’s father owned a successful tow service, and he told me his father was always venting to him about how the business had seemed to hit its peak. So the son, who is trying to take over the tow company, decided that it was time for a change in how the business was ran. He wasn’t sure how to do it, or where to begin, all he knew was that whatever he tried, he was going to go all in with it. He invested in new trucks to compete with the local competition, hired new employees to carry the work load, and invested in local marketing to get his business well known and out in the public. After several rough patches and not giving up, the business has finally reached the level his father desired.


This is inspiring because it show that if one puts in the amount of effort needed and more, including taking the risks that involved with this level of effort, that it is very likely that success will become of it.


In the words of Grant Cardone, “Take Massive Action”.


The Beginning

So the more and more I worked resulted in a bigger desire to figure out what it was like to run my own business. However, the distraction that always lead me off the path of what my focus should have been, business, was the desire to be in a relationship. It seemed as though every time I was able to get my life back on track and in the direction I wanted it to go, I fell into another distraction of a relationship and my focus then turned away from myself and towards the other person. At times I thought that I could handle both but others I knew there was no way. Eventually this lead into a long road of focusing on everyone else but myself.

For years, I would be lead down different career paths, losing focus of where I wanted to head in life, and finding myself falling for every shiny opportunity that came my way. I read a quote the other day that was written by Auguste Rodin, about experience:

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” – Auguste Rodin

This really affected me when I read this, as I could relate to it on a deeper level. It really made me think about everything I have been through from the beginning until now. The one thing I have noticed is that any time, no matter the situation, when something has a negative or positive impact on me I try to focus not on the moment, but on what it was that I did such as, what action did I take, and the reasons why I made these decisions. Throughout each situation whether very insignificant or very significant, I have always tried to improve and discover flaws or mistakes that if I were ever to experience these moments again I would be better prepared.  So in time, practicing this over and over, I eventually found a way to be involved with anything but still be focused on myself and my development in my life. 

At this point, I have been in the same career path as well as the same relationship, for years now.  I have really honed in my focus for me and my new little family and how to better our lives. A big help for me aside from life experiences of my past has been the development in my overall confidence. Gaining confidence has helped me to devise a plan for my future and really focus on the ultimate path I want to take to bring success in my life as an entrepreneur. The trick with having confidence is that to maintain confidence the learning and lust for knowledge has to be top notch. For instance, the business path I want to take deals with service and sales, so I’m currently studying one of the greatest salesman of what I consider all time, Grant Cardone.

This guy they call, “Uncle G”, is absolutely insane to people from the outside looking in. Grant Cardone’s confidence level has probably reached the peak that any human being could reach. Now in the sales world, this is huge. One of the things Uncle G preaches about is believing. If you believe in yourself, and believe in your product more than anything else in the world, then you have no choice but to be successful, and therefore your clients have no choice but to believe you and believe in you. This is a major piece of advice from my point of view because as my goal is to be successful, if you think about any major successful person such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg, these guys developed their confidence and as a result increased their belief in their selves and their products. They didn’t just believe it, they lived and breathed their products. This for me has set the tone in my life for my future business path.

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What’s up everyone? The name is Chi. I bet you thought this blog was going to be about the mind, body, and soul as well as mastering the “art of chi.” Well, more or less i’m going to get you all caught up on me, and why I am who I am today… and possibly some talk about Chi. See what I did there?


When I was young, oh I would say around six years of age, I had already experienced what it was like to have a broken family.  I tried not to let it bother me much, but to a point I guess it did. I never really realized it much until my mother met a new man who would later adopt me and my sister, and then, the questions started popping up in my head. These were questions I’m sure at the time were beyond my comprehension but they were still there. Questions like, “How does he get to come in and take my biological father’s place?”, or “What if I get attached to this guy and he leaves too?”. Now obviously, at the age of six I was not able to formulate those questions like that in my head, but I can remember the feelings were very similar in comparison. The most I could do was just accept it as it was and try to get over the feelings and thoughts, and I can tell you now, that is easier said than done. Even to this day I have questions, but my questions have evolved to things like, “Where would I be now if he didn’t come into my life?”, or now that I think about it, “Did he make it harder for me growing up, or did I make it harder for him to play the role he signed up for?”. At this point, there is no way of knowing, but what I can say, is that good or bad, I wouldn’t change it because among other things, it is why I am who I am now because of it.


I won’t bore you with the details, so lets fast forward oh about 10 years. Here is where life is more confusing than ever, trying to find where I fit in this world. At the age of sixteen, my grandfather, an avid coffee drinker with his local friends at a fast food restaurant, put in a good word for me and got me a job at the same restaurant.  This is where I begin to figure out my true interests in life and the path I want to take for my own personal success.  Now, I know what you all are thinking, “oh this guy loves flipping burgers for a living”, if so, you couldn’t be more wrong. The physical activities of the job, whatever they be, from stacking milk crates, doing dishes, or cooking food to taking orders from a variety of customers was not what I was noticing or even showed interest in. What was interesting to me was the how the business was successful and thriving. One thing that caught my eye was the organization of the business and how the management ranking system worked and why it had to be the way it was. All of these observations about the business had made me realize I wanted to be a business owner, an entrepreneur, and work hard to build a business and achieve only what others could dream of.


Stay tuned for Discovering Chi Part Two